Update from Jeanne

Dear Families of the Youth Apostolate,
Words cannot express how utterly grateful I am for all of your prayers and support, especially these past several weeks while I was out. My surgery went very well and my doctor is very impressed with how far I have already come in my recovery, especially considering the complication of the hematoma, one of the wounds re-opening, and an infection that we were able to catch and treat before it got worse, which had the potential to be really bad. I attribute that little miracle to your prayers! Even with those minor setbacks, both the surgery and the recovery so far have been so much smoother and less painful than I ever could have anticipated. I am truly so grateful for every prayer that has been (and continues to be) offered for me.
At this point I am just over half way through the majority of the recovery. After that, the last 10% of the swelling and some of the numbness and nerves could take up to a year to heal completely. In the meantime others seem to be enjoying the temporary (God-wiling) partial paralysis and funny faces I make these days and I am happy to offer up the awkwardness in exchange for seeing it put a smile on someone’s face. It is amazing how intricate God was when He designed each of us. I am finding myself more and more in awe of so many little details that I never really noticed before, like how our eyebrows work and how wide we are able to open our mouths to eat, or to speak, and how so many muscles work together to accomplish a task. It reminds me of how we, though many parts/members, together make up the one body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:12). Each of us, no matter how big or how small, how seemingly significant or insignificant, talented or not so talented…each of us has a job, a purpose and a place in the body of Christ. You are important. You are needed. You are loved.
I am absolutely blown away by those of you who have stepped up to volunteer. Knowing things are taken care of put my mind at ease and have given me the ability to focus on recovering and slowly easing back into work without overdoing it. God has given me the greatest job with the most supportive people I could ever have asked for. And the youth…man, our kids are just the best! I am so happy to be back!
Please keep praying for me as I continue to recover, these next few weeks are still crucial to my full recovery. And know I offer up the pain and awkwardness I experience for each of you as well.