January 10-11th

WorkCamp Prep Weekend

at St. Raymond’s

If you are not able to be present for the entirety of the WorkCamp prep weekend, January 10-11th, you will not be able to attend WorkCamp, as this is absolutely mandatory for safety and many other reasons.





  • Make checks payable to Raymond’s


BRING on SATURDAY (Teens & Adults):

  • LUNCH (snacks will be provided)
  • Water bottle
  • Tool bag
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Safety glasses
  • Work gloves
  • Work boots (must have a hard bottomed sole and be a minimum of 3/4 height. Steel toe is optional but can save your feet if heavy object falls on them)
  • Sneakers!! (for rock climbing)
  • Clothes for rock climbing in:
    • Freedom of movement is most important followed by dressing for the temperature. The facility can be cool in winter. Longer shorts or pants tend to be more comfortable under a harness, rather than the ultra-short running variety.
    • Ladies, please remember tights/leggings are not pants. If you choose to wear them, please wear shorts on top of them.
    • If you chose to wear shorts (you’re nuts!), but you might want tights/leggings under them. There will be lots of folks under you looking up and well…


Friday, January 10th (St. Raymond’s Parish Hall)

6pm-7pm       Meeting

7-7:30pm        Dinner (Subway)

7:30-9pm       Meeting

Saturday, January 11th (St. Raymond’s Parish Hall)

8:30am            Arrive & Put everything in parish hall


9:45am            Bagels, OJ, coffee provided

10am-4pm       Tool Day (will break for lunch at some point)

4-4:30pm         Clean-up & Pizza dinner

4:30-5pm         Drive to Sport Rock for Team Building Activity

5-7:30pm         Rock Climb

7:30-8pm         Drive back to St. Raymond’s


WorkCamp 2020 Important Dates

WorkCamp will be held June 20-June 26, 2020 Frederick County, VA
We will be staying at Frederick County Middle School

Please visit the Official Arlington Diocese WorkCamp website for more information.